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Rather than keeping this page as a bibliographical entry, I’m just going to add the books and reviews as we read them.  If it gets to be an astounding amount of information, I’ll come back and organize. 🙂

1. Charlotte’s Web

Mom’s Review: Ava was enraptured by the webs that Charlotte would spin. She had seen the movie at Grandma’s house, so was already familiar with the plot.  To this day (and we read it over a year ago) I have to answer the question as to why spiders have to die when their babies are born.  Anyone care to field that one for me?

Ava’s Review: 4 stars!

2. Dinosaur Cove: Flight of the Quetzalcoatlus

Mom’s Review: How the hell do you pronounce Quetzalcoatlus?  I had to find a pronunciation guide before I could even read the title.  After I got that over with, we continued on with the story.  The Dinosaur Cove series is really popular with both Ava and Isaac.  There are usually 6-7 chapters per novel, each chapter is short enough to read in under 10 minutes, and there are interesting illustrations on each page spread.  I think they use the word ‘clambered’ at least four times in each novel, though.  And yes, I keep track of things like that; they annoy me.

Ava’s Review: 5 stars!  I like when he gets throw up on him!

3. Usborne Books Very First Reading series

Mom’s Review: I am well aware that these books aren’t chapter books, but they are books that got my reluctant-to-read daughter reading, so I want to include them.  There are 15 titles in the series and are designed to be read with your child.  There is a page for the adult to read and a page for the child to read.  They begin with very basic letter sounds in the first book and build on the skills to get into more complex blends and words that don’t follow ‘the rules’ by book 15.

After the Very First series comes First Readers.  We have also been supplementing Ava’s levelled readers at school with these levelled readers from Usborne.  The stories are more interesting, the illustrations are captivating and overall, they are more enjoyable to read (and more enjoyable to listen to) than the readers she has for school.

Ava’s Review: 3 stars; I don’t like having to read them by myself.

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