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February 28, 2012

Even though this has been The Winter that Wasn’t, it is still relatively exciting to get a seed catalogue in the mail.  Vesey’s has definitely brightened up the winter around these parts.  Daydreaming about plots, roots and shoots have occupied many of my hours, as well as Ava’s.  While Michael and I have been reading, researching and brainstorming garden plans, calculating row requirements and other ‘boring’ (read: absolutely exhilarating!) things, Ava has been keeping herself quite occupied with the bulb catalogue and designing her own little flowery escapes for the backyard.

Over the course of several hours, Ava refined her ‘three-plants-from-every-page’ wish list down to a double sided page of paper.  Being the geeky, nerdy Mama that I am, I have to admit that watching her pore over the catalogue, determine the Zone, measure the height listed and determine where to plant it in the garden made me grin from ear to ear.  Then came the absolutely brilliant part.  She did math. Lots and lots of math. With decimals! Oh, be still my heart!

She did about five of the math problems before she decided it was more fun to watch me add them up for her.


And add them I did.  To the tune of $900.00 worth of bulbs and plants!  Ava’s response to the grand total? “Wow! Do you think Dad will flip a cow?” A bit of mixed metaphor there, my dear.


Ava has not been the only one getting into the excitement.  Violet managed to get her hands dirty (and the table, chair, cat…..) too.

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  1. Louise permalink
    February 28, 2012 1:42 pm

    Awesome! Ava sure has some big planting plans!! I’m looking forward to getting some seeds started with Ella!

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