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:: triops have three eyes ::

December 22, 2011

Over the past week, Michael and I have become proud parents to a new baby. A baby triop. His name is Mr. Triop (although, to be honest, I have no real way to confirm the gender of said triop).  He came from  a little container of dehydrated triop eggs that I ordered for Ava last year.  Unlike last year, we actually had a little success with our dinosaur shrimp adventure.

Look at him……

Isn’t he cute? In a shrimpy, dinosaury, crabby sort of way….


It really is amazing how much they change and grow in such a short time frame. This little dude is only a week and a half old! I’m feeling nostalgic. This time last week he was just a little speck in the bottom of a disposable cup. Now look at him, moving onto a new home with room to swim and grow and make more Triops.  This picture was taken just two days later and you can see how much more developed the shell on his back is becoming.


Ava is smitten with our newest family member.  She checks on him as soon as she wakes up and was reading him stories each night before bed (Stories of Dragons is his favourite, apparently).  And, being the inquisitive being that she is, she asks a million questions about triops.  Luckily I found some answers!

Apparently they get to be nearly 3 inches in length.  Our little guy isn’t even one inch yet, so we still have quite a ways to grow.  I’ve located a triop babysitter for him when we go away on vacation next week and when we come back I’ll set up the full aquarium for it.  I’m also thinking we may have to order some more eggs since only one of the batch survived.

In the meantime, here’s a They Might Be Giants tribute to my three-eyed little critter:

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