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:: the crazy chicken lady ::

December 16, 2011

I think that’s my new nickname.  The Crazy Chicken Lady. Well, according to my husband it is anyway. I have had a hankering for backyard chickens for a good year now. Unfortunately, our community has a bylaw which disallows chickens at the moment. But I’m working to change that. 😉

There are many benefits to raising chickens in your own backyard.  The primary reason that I am undertaking this project is because I want to know where my food comes from.  Each hen can lay approximately 1 egg per day during the spring and summer months.  Perhaps I’m romanticizing the notion of collecting eggs each morning to use as nourishment for my growing family, but I really do get dreamy thinking of Ava and Isaac with their little egg baskets.

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Not only would raising my few hens give me security in knowing where those eggs came from, but it also gives me security in knowing how  the animals were raised and treated.  The unfortunate reality of most store-bought food is that it is not as good as the down-home, born and raised stuff.  If I have my hens, even if it is only a nominal amount like four, I can ensure that they have quality food and quality lives full of sunshine and exercise.  Why is this important? Well, if what the hens eat is healthier for them, the eggs they produce will be healthier for me and my family.  If you ever have the chance to compare a farm-fresh egg yolk to one purchased from the store, I encourage you to do so.  You will find the shells of the farm eggs thicker and tougher to crack. Once you do crack them you will be amazed at the sheer vibrancy of colour coming from the yolk of the farm egg as compared to the store egg.  This indicates the quality of the hen’s diet.

Raising hens would also benefit our backyard in terms of nitrogen rich manure and the chickens munching away on all of the bugs and slugs they can find.  The chickens also are beneficial for sustainable practices in that they will consume many of the vegetable scraps and peelings that we produce.

I have a month to get my arguments and presentation put together before I go in front of our local Village Council.  I’ve created a petition online for those who support my endeavour to sign!

And those of you who already have chickens, backyard or otherwise, I would love to hear stories about raising them!

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