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November 27, 2011

I am aware that the picture is, well….tremendous, but I felt that such a distinguished ball of yarn required a monumental picture to go along with it.  That right there is approximately 408 yards of bulky yarn. 8 oz of colourful, squishy, knitting potential.

Not only is the size of the ball of yarn immense, but the pattern options are as well. When I first spied the yarn I was thinking of knitting up the cabled cowl from Vampire Knits, but now that I have spent the time inspecting each inch as I wound it, I am not so sure that is the route I want to go.

I am leaning towards this adorable Dolphin Bay Eyelet Baby Top for Violet. Come spring, I think the colourway would be perfect and the style of the top makes it great for layering over a long-sleeved shirt. Or maybe I will finally make something for myself and whip up this Summer Flies lace shawl?


What to do? What to make? Right now I am just enjoying staring at this glorious ball of yarn and cruising Ravelry for ideas.

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