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September 10, 2011

I collect my kids’ stuff.  Drawings, poems, scribbles, crafts, tidbits of fabric scraps of well worn clothing.  I’m a bit of a memory pack rat.

As I was sorting through the various mementos I had collected over the summer I found a few that especially made me smile. I have been wearing my kids for several years now in baby carriers.  It was not something that I had grown up experiencing besides the typical Baby Bjorn or Snugli I had seen my aunts use on occasion.  Nonetheless, I was drawn to the philosophy behind it and the ease in which it fit into my lifestyle.  While I sorted the various pictures of dragons, fish,and  portraits of siblings I came across two very beautiful family portraits that Ava had drawn.

The first drawing showed our whole family, as well as a Mama Bird looking after her baby.  The second was a sketch of Michael, Violet and myself walking outdoors.  In each drawing I was depicted with a huge smile and a very happy baby peeking out over my shoulder from my back.

From left to right: "Mom and Violet, Dad with a hairdo, Ava, and Isaac jumping."

"Michael, Mom, Violet and a Love Angel"

I know, theoretically, how impressionable children are.  We hear it in parenting books and on the news.  But when it really strikes home isn’t when they repeat the curse word you muttered after breaking a bowl, or try to drink the milk out of the carton ‘like daddy does’.  No, when you know that they are watching you is when they start to do the good stuff too.  These drawings demonstrate a new norm for my kids.  A way of believing that parenting includes keeping your babies close to you and drawn in to your activities.  How sweet it is to see the goals I have striven for are being recognized and replicated by the little ones I love the most.

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