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:: everything I learned this year I learned while knitting ::

August 28, 2011

All those valuable ‘light bulb’ life moment lessons I have had the pleasure of experiencing this year have their evolution in knitting.  This was a hobby that it took me 5 years to become ‘okay’ at and I still have much much further to go to even consider myself an intermediate knitter.  I’ve always been drawn to hand made items, but knitting in particular kept a soft spot in my heart.  I find that so many of the trials I face in my everyday have solutions stemming from a knitting experience I have had earlier:
:: mistakes are okay . It means you learned what not to do.
:: patience
:: take your time
:: perseverance
:: savour it while it lasts.  A bittersweet lesson I learned after spending about 30 hours knitting Ava a sweater only to           have it meet an unfortunate demise in a friend’s washing machine and dryer.
:: passion – rediscovering the heart of the making
:: gratitude. I am thankful that I can share my creations with others who love and appreciate them

Some of the projects I completed this year were new and challenging to me.  This hobby has brought me confidence and self-assurance in my own abilities and it has brought me out of my shell creatively.  For instance, who would ever have thought I would try quilting?  Or doll making?  My successes in tackling these projects has given me not only the desire to try something new, but the belief that I can do it well.

Here are a few of the projects up for creation in the oncoming year:

Shifting Sands Cardigan

Aidez sweater

Finish the Nimbus sweater I started six months ago

And, finally, the September sweater, in hopes that by this time next year it will actually be done!

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  1. Mike permalink
    August 28, 2011 6:49 pm

    Would you knit me a sleeping bag?

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