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:: a security blanket of sorts ::

August 21, 2011

I head back to work in four days.

Four. Days.


I knew it was coming, but it still feels although it has snuck up on me.  Add to that the fact that I will be entering a new position and my anxiety is having a field day.  Or a field four days.

So what does someone who is experiencing a little back – to – work anxiety do for three hours on a Sunday morning?  Cook, cook and cook some more!  Having a freezer full of pre-made meals, snacks and (to be honest) chocolate lets me relax a little.  I have control over one aspect of things.  It’s like that old white deep freeze whispers to me, “If all else fails, at least you won’t have to make supper tonight.”

First up on the list this morning was a double batch of spaghetti sauce from Once A Month Cooking.  The spaghetti sauce is my favourite recipe in the book and I use it as pizza sauce and meat sauce for lasagne also.

While the meat and onions for the sauce were sautéing, I began the bread.  Over the past two days I’ve made 8 loaves of bread; which should hopefully last us two weeks.  Once the bread was done and rising, I moved on to the freezer meals.

I saw this neat idea for slow cooker freezer meals on Mama and Baby Love.  Unlike Once a Month Cooking, you don’t have to pre-cook the meals, you just chop and bag.  When the day comes to cook them, you just let them thaw and then pop it in the slow cooker.  Genius!  I put together the BBQ Chicken and the Goulash.

Finally, I got around to using up the last of the frozen beets my mom brought to me last week.  I made two dozen of the Chocolate Beet Cupcakes two day ago and the kids plowed through them.   I pureed the last bit of beets reserving 2.5 cups for another batch of cupcakes later down the road.  The recipe states to use a can of beets, but I used 2.5 cups of fresh beet puree.  I also skipped out on the chocolate  chips and only used 4 squares of melted baker’s chocolate.

Although they are shockingly purple right now, they bake up a rich chocolate brown

Now that I have a yummy, scrumptious security blanket in place I can relax and enjoy these last four days before we get back into the daily grind.  Beach anyone?

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  1. Mike permalink
    August 21, 2011 6:08 pm


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