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July 30, 2011

Now that my garden is growing, I’ve been left with a surplus of Swiss Chard.  I cleaned out the two rows in the garden and washed up 4 sink fulls of this leafy green goodie this morning.  I started wondering as I was washing if Chard would bake up into chips as well as the Kale I had tried earlier in the year did.

I pretty much followed the same recipe for the Chard as I did for the kale:  Oven to 400 degrees, trim the leaves from the stalks and cut into bite sized pieces, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, place in a single layer and bake.

I found that these chips were paper thin and delicate compared to the baked kale.  In terms of taste, they are not quite as nutty as roasted Brussels sprouts, but also not as ‘green’ tasting as the kale chips.  A nice friendly middle.

Oh, and if anyone local wants to try this out but is without Chard, let me know!  I need to get rid of some before I head out to mom and dad’s for the week!

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