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:: wip wednesday ::

July 20, 2011

This week my works in progress are all top-secret gifts-to-be.  I won’t be able to divulge too much information about each, but posts will come up as the projects are finished and in the arms of the intended recipients.

Special gift for a special person #1:

This little number is shaping up to be a Disappearing 9 Square quilt.  Hoping that it sews up quickly and easily!  (And for those of you thinking, “Hey, did she ever finish that huge King sized quilt?” Then answer is…not yet.  It’s a work in progress.  It’s huge and I have a bit of craft ADD.

Special Gift for a Special Person #2:

I’m not going to say too much about this one except that I’m embarking on a project I have never knit before for someone who has never received my knitting and I hope that they fit!

Special Gift for a Special Person #3:

This one isn’t so top secret – I’ve started a pair of linen stitch longies for Violet to wear as (can you believe it?!) we are halfway through summer already.  Today is incredibly cold, dreary and rainy, so my knitting instinct has kicked into overdrive.  I’m using up the leftover Chroma yarn (Rollerskate colorway) that I had leftover from Ava’s first sweater.  Speaking of sweaters, Ava has been on me to knit her a new one for school, so I suppose I’ll have to embark on that shortly also.  I want to make this one, but she’s pushing for something a little longer.

Hoping I can get everything done before September!  Keep your crossables crossed for me 🙂

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