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:: it all started with a nest ::

July 11, 2011
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Yesterday in an effort to abate some of the boredom and mischief that was brewing in the house the kids and I went on a quick walk around the block.  As we were nearing our home through the alley we found an empty bird’s nest on the ground.  Ava picked it up to place on our Summer table when we got back home.

Once home it was decided, by both Ava and Isaac, that we should make eggs to go into the nest.  Initially Ava wanted to draw paper eggs, but I encouraged her to make some wet-felted ones instead.  We followed an easy tutorial for felted wool balls and set to work making eggs.  Once they dried the kid wanted to add some colour to them, so I dropped a few squirts of food colouring. Not a good idea!  The dye leaked everywhere and we still have blue hands!

As we rubbed, twisted and rolled our wet, soapy felt we talked about the kinds of eggs that different birds lay.  It seemed a natural progression that if we were making eggs for our found-nest, they  most certainly must hatch.

Again I searched for an easy tutorial, this time for a sewn bird.  The kids discussed the different names for their future birds, where they would live and what kind of food they would eat.  Finally, the time came to put them together.  Out came the fabric stash and from it Ava and Isaac each chose their own combinations for body, belly and wings (we ended up not putting wings onto our birds because Mama’s brain had had enough for the afternoon.  They are cut and perhaps someday they will be attached).

Red Whistler

And so, from a simple, discarded nest, an afternoon of creativity and imagination bloomed.  Ava named hers Red Whistler and Isaac named his Rosie.  The second elephant patterned bird was for a friend of Ava’s and Violet’s bird is yet unnamed.

Violet's bird

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