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:: wrapping up our long weekend ::

July 4, 2011

This weekend would have been absolutely crazy if I did not have my carriers with me.  With all the running around we had to do, BBQs, celebrations and family events Violet definitely felt a little overstimulated and needed the comfort of being worn.

And, honestly, there is no better feeling than having a sweet, sleeping baby resting against you.  She hadn’t fallen asleep on me in a long time and I had nearly forgotten how those soft baby sighs can make your heart melt.

When not wearing my two kiddos, the wrap did double duty as a blanket for a bit of snuggling.

Well, for a few seconds anyway before the usual hair-pulling and pinching…

I often say I don’t know how I would get things done if I didn’t have a carrier and these past five days have definitely driven the point home to me.  Violet spent many hours in a wrap or a soft-structured carrier which meant that I was actually able to sit and visit and enjoy myself rather than chasing after a cruising one year old the entire time!  It also gave her that safe place to rest her tired body and burrow in when feeling overwhelmed by the people (Uncle Darrell!) and sounds.

I found this quote online and loved it, so decided to share 🙂

Many would say he is way too old, too heavy to be carried around in a pouch like this. He would sleep better if left alone in a crib, others would remark. Forget the snide comments and ignore the weird looks from strangers. By babycarrying we actively respond to the basic needs of a baby—warmth, security, connection, love, closeness and trust. Keep your babies close to your hearts for a baby is happiest being held.


                 — Joanne and Paolo

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