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July 2, 2011

This past set of days off saw us trekking once again to Cudworth.  Michael’s brother and cousin were graduating high school, a boat was to be picked up and various relatives were to be visited.

We spent Thursday attending graduation ceremonies and I got to wear (gasp!) a dress and (double gasp!) high heels because we left the kiddos with my mom so we could attend the events in relative peace.

Incredibly, even in four inch heels I ams till nearly half a foot shorter than him!

Friday, Canada Day, was spent flying kites, trying to nap, not napping, visiting Michael’s Dad at the farm, getting ice cream, forgetting the other ice cream we were supposed to get, and eating.

The chilly, blustery morning lent itself to flying the dragon kite.  Grandma, Grandpa and the whole family took the kite to an open piece of land and prepared it for take off.

Later that day we went out to Michael’s dad’s Christmas tree farm. At the farm Ava made friends with the cats.  Two cute little grey kitties that would really like to come home with us.  I informed her we already have two cats, one dog and three kids.  Our house is currently full.

Michael’s dad held the shortcut to Michael’s devotion the entire time we were there – the boat we were given as a Christmas gift.  We will be taking the boat home with us on Monday and I’m sure it will require a test run as soon as we make it to the lake.  Belvedere, on the other hand, held the key to my devotion.  Michael’s dad had gone and gotten himself a new dog. A St. Bernard cross in fact, and the slobbery, slimey, loping beast entertained me for most of the afternoon.  Perhaps I could change my mind about bringing more animals home with us.

As I was walking across the farmyard I caught them walking towards me in the same pose.  Like father like son

And a couple other random photos from around the farm yard.  I love old dilapidated wood buildings and was able to get my farm shed fix with some old car holds that were in need of demolition.

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