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:: this is my marriage ::

June 29, 2011

Another random excerpt of conversation between Michael and myself  for your enjoyment (and silent curiosity as to how we both manage to be so weird).

Michael: I bet you’re stiff because you just don’t run enough anymore. (says the man who’s been running for one month now).

Me: Yup.  Bet you could out run me.

Michael: Oh yeah, I could out run you today.

Me: I could kick your ass at Insanity though.

Michael: Well, I could lift you over my head and throw you like a javelin into a tree.

Exactly.  Completely random thoughts from my husband.

I’ll let him think he’s the tough guy for now and not throw in his face that I have been pregnant with three of his children and birthed two of them completely unmedicated.


Won’t use that as bargaining fodder at all.

He’s lucky I put up with this. 🙂

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  1. June 30, 2011 4:27 am

    I think he did kick your ass at insanity with that comment, different kind of insanity, that is 🙂 And yeah, that card about carrying and giving birth to children can top any kind of ‘tough guy’ card out there! Love the goofy photos, you guys are a good match.

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