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:: we’ve got worms and tomatoes ::

June 16, 2011

Red wiggler worms, to be exact.

I started keeping worms for composting nearly 4 years ago as part of a class that I was teaching.  They flourished, procreated and made wonderful ‘tea’ (the liquid from the compost) and gorgeous, squishy black dirt.  Unfortunately, when we moved, my worm bucket was forgotten outside and my little wriggly friends met an untimely, cold fate.

I salvaged a few and started again, with Ava as my helper, to create another mini worm farm.  We collect the scraps and ‘feed’ the worms (who Ava has endeared as pets) and at the end of summer we sift through the bucket to separate the worms, compost and dirt.

Those who know me know that I kill virtually every plant that comes into contact with me.  I am not a gardener, to be sure.  That doesn’t stop me from trying, though, and this year I attempted tomatoes in a Topsy Turvy planter. And they died shortly after being transplanted from the greenhouse.  Or so we thought.  I did not have any potting soil around, so I scraped out my worm bin and used the entire contents to pack in my Topsy Turvy.    I hung them up, and promptly forgot to water them and cover them when it hit -5 Celsius here.  Poor tomatoes.  Crispy, yellow-leaved and desperate, they clung to life in their little Topsy Turvy planter.  Michael wanted me to throw them out since they were right by the front door and an obvious indication of my lack of gardening skill.

I, however, had faith in the worm poop.

Within a few days those tomatoes came back to life and are looking mighty good right now!  I think I’ll use worm poop for everything from now on.  If it weren’t pouring rain outside I might venture out to take a picture, as such, my camera and I are staying dry for the moment 😉

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  1. June 17, 2011 5:02 am

    Worm poop rocks!

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