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February 27, 2011

I am a little like a magpie.  Shiny objects fascinate me.  When I see one, especially something cheap or free, I MUST take it home to my nest.  What makes an object even more desirable is old, cheap or free.  My husband understands my


You can see how proud he is with his capture.

propensity for shiny things.  He even came up with an acronym for it (OMG!ST! oh my god! shiny thing!) and as such dutiful magpie marriages progress, he not only humours my collections, he starts collecting with me.

Point in case, our new (old) toaster.  Michael found it in his grandpa’s workshop while visiting yesterday.  They found out it worked and since Grandpa had two (magpie must be hereditary) he offered the second one to Michael, which Michael proudly displayed to me when he got home (“Look what I brought you, I love you, it’s shiny.”).

Mom (also of magpie descent) started to inspect it.  She declared it, “The same as we had when we were kids” and pointed out its selling features.  Like a long cord and sheer weight; both useful as weapons when surprised by an intruder while eating breakfast.

It reminds me of the Brave Little Toaster (which was a crappy movie, but a cute toaster) with its shiny mirrored sides, suave black details and very, very long electrical cord.  It’s my new favourite appliance.

Why, if we were all wiener dogs, our problems would be solved.

~The Radio, Brave Little Toaster

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  1. February 28, 2011 5:05 am

    If you go with Michael to check out that motor or whatever in Airdrie, you have got to check out the antique mall there. You’d love it! Lots of shiny things!

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