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:: desperate times call for desperate muffins ::

February 24, 2011

Muffins made from desperation will, by default, be the best muffins ever. Desperate muffins made whilst a seven year old is being, well, seven and a three year old is acting three while all the while the eight month old is breaking in her three new teeth…….those muffins will be little pillows of treasure.

Desperate muffins are desperate out of circumstance and emotion. Circumstance desperation sounds like, “Oh dear me! I’ve opened my cupboard and have NO flour!” Emotional desperation sounds like, “Oh dear me! My children are so amazingly rambunctious, isn’t it wonderful?”

Steel cut oats soaking in a can of coconut milk before I blend them as a base for my muffins.

Given that I was full of both subtypes of desperate wit, I chose to be resourceful and use up what was in the cupboards. Long ago my mother gave me a bag of steel cut oats (like a 6 lb bag) that have been diligently sitting in my freezer, waiting for their moment in the sun.  I decided that I was going to attempt to make a flour type substance out of these oats.  I took out one and a half cups, mixed them with one can of coconut milk and let them sit for an hour to soften.

Being both desperate in situation and mentality, my cravings were wandering to all sorts of delectable combinations.  I finally settled on my own personal version of heaven: chocolate and peanut butter.  Together.  In a muffin.  Oh yes.

Alas, the muffins fell short of something crucial.  Not sure whether it was a shortage of chocolate or sweetness ( I used about a half cup of honey), but it just did not have that Reese’s Peanut Butter kick I was after.  Back to the drawing board for these muffins, hopefully I’ll be able to tweak them as much as necessary so that they meet my peanut-butter-choco-holic needs.  (Don’t get me wrong, they were okay they just weren’t spectacular! like I had hoped they would be.

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