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:: wip wednesday ::

February 23, 2011

chromaIt’s been far too long since a work-in-progress post.  Most of the work around here lately has had to do with my online courses or the house, but today I am going to revel in the glory that is Chroma yarn.

I’ve never really been in love with a yarn before.  I mean, I’ve seen pretty ones, pet a couple in the store, found a colourway that tickled  my fancy, but not once has my pulse quickened and pupils dilated over yarn.  Until the day Chroma arrived in my mailbox.  This yarn positively glows.  The colour radiates out of the ball.  It’s impossible to capture it in a photo.  I honestly just looked at the yarn for a few days before starting the sweater.  Open the box.  Look at the yarn.  Sigh.  Repeat.  It really is that beautiful and squishy soft.

Ava had indicated while I was working on the maxi dress for Violet that she would like something made for her as well.  She chose a sweater (this one, actually) and, to my surprise, the Roller Skate colourway of Chroma.  Given that my oldest girl is more inclined to chat with you about dragons, dinosaurs, hunting and ice fishing it caught me off guard that she wanted a colour combination that was based primarily on shades of pink and purple.  To be sure it was what she wanted I even did a blind test with the Knitpicks catalogue to see if she picked the same yarn that she had on the computer.  She did, so I ordered it.

It’s getting a slow start, poor thing, due to the crazy school schedule I have right now, but I anticipate a lot of knitting the next couple of days while we go to visit Grandma and Grandpa and sit in waiting rooms for medical appointments.

“I do love knitting patterns”

~ Albus Dumbledore; Harry Potter

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