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:: read-to-me challenge #2 ::

February 6, 2011

Ava's favourite book of the week


Another week gone by and we’re still faithfully plugging away at the challenge.  Isaac is enjoying this the most as Ava has now ventured forth into the land of independent reading. *sniff*  I’ve been encouraging her to read to Isaac or to Violet and we would count the books, but she finds the whole experience of reading to babies and preschoolers, erm, annoying. (Did you know that a 3 year old doesn’t sit still and listen?  Really!  The sheer audacity!)

You can read our reviews here.  This week we’ve read numbers 9 – 14.  My favourite was L M N O P, Ava’s was There Was an Old Monster and Isaac just ran away saying, “No! No favourite!” when I asked him.  Meh.  Three year olds.

Mom's favourite book this week.

I’ve got a whole great post in the works also about our new library (!!!!!!) in town.  It hasn’t officially opened as we’re waiting for networking glitches (as in – the network is not yet hooked up) to work themselves out, but I am EXCITED!  It’s beautiful.  It has a bathroom.  It has a children’s area.  It really is going to be my little piece of heaven in Goodsoil.  All that to say, that since we didn’t physically make it to the library this week I went ahead an ordered the first six books on the 1oo Picture Books list: Abuela, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock, Andy and the Lion, Bark George, and The Bossy Gallito: A Traditional Cuban Folk Tale. I’m only familiar with one of the titles, so it should be an exciting library day for all of us when they arrive.

Happy Reading!

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