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January 27, 2011

Yes, we’re still working on renovating our house.  No, it’s not done yet.  Yes, it’s a lot of work.  No, we don’t let the kids play in the ‘secret’ room under our bedroom.  Yes, it will be nice to have another bathroom on the main floor.  No, I don’t think it will be soon.

And so goes the conversations regarding our renovations.  I’m not nearly as sick of them as Michael is (although I’m the foreperson and he is the employee who doesn’t get paid a fair wage….I do make him supper and wash his laundry, though), and there are many, many projects left to tackle in this fair home.

Right now we have:

* tile waiting to be grouted in the front entrance (which after the back entrance fiasco, Michael took a plank of hardboard and put a groove in it in which he will place the grout in like a stencil. With a toothbrush, apparently.  We spent hours trying to wash the grout off the tiles in the back porch last time.  Plan did not go so good).

*IKEA closet waiting to be built.  Ahem.  Since I have no dresser and all my clothes are in laundry baskets.  AHEM.  And the boxes arrived two weeks ago…..AHEM!

* A wonderful two-person soaker tub sitting in our garage, waiting to go into our master bathroom.

Slowly, but surely this house is becoming a home.  Boxes are still being unpacked, ‘new’ treasures (old things from boxes that I thought I lost) are being recovered each day and little bits of personality are peaking out of the rooms.

Here’s some inspiration of where we’re going with this old house…

Kitchen Inspiration

We bought an apron-front sink and some butcher block counter thinking that the kitchen was going to be one of our first projects in this house.  It has gone way down in priority, most likely being the last project as we will do the kitchen and re-do the flooring in the upstairs. Canadian Heritage Timber Company has beautiful reclaimed wood flooring that I am smitten with.  I like the super-wide plank boards and am thinking we would do them a washed-out colour. I’m especially in love with #1, 5, 8 and 10 in their gallery. Most likely this will all be a long, long time from now.

This is a great floor also

Living Room Inspiration

Oh, I cannot wait for this room!  I have plans, plans, plans, I tell you.  First off is to redo the ceiling.  Currently our ceiling shape is similar to the one in this photo.  It has yellowed, styrofoam ceiling tiles and dark faux beams.  I want (Michael) to take it all down and put up some boards that we’ll whitewash and give it a nice, clean look.  We also have a fireplace in the same location, but we’ve chosen to get rid of it and keep the wood stove that’s also installed in that room. We’re going to tuck in a little reading nook under the stairs for the kids, have carpet, some shelving and a cohesive look to the whole place.  I’m excited.


Tile…I Love, Love, Love Tile.


Something like this is neat, although I wouldn’t want it in pink and white.


This was our bathroom tile in our old house.  I loved it so much, but white grout was difficult to keep clean.

Some more cool vintage stone

Although Michael is more into marble and I’m not technically supposed to pick any more tile…maybe I’ll compromise with this one:


A reclaimed wood headboard would be nice in our room.  We’ve inherited Michael’s mom’s bedroom furniture which I think I might update a little by painting….not sure yet.


Enough daydreaming for now, I suppose.  I’ll keep you all posted as we get little things done around here.  It’s just that there are always a million little things to do ;).  Death by a thousand cuts, I tell ya.  All kidding aside, this house is great.  It has room to spare, lots of light, a yard and a half and it’s so close to school.  It’s earning it’s keep.

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