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January 3, 2011

I love knitting. Really, I do.  But after knitting several projects in a row it was time for something new, something faster.  I needed a quick-craft fix and I found it in a huge (polyester! My woollies are going to disown me!) felt flower tutorial.

sitting pretty on the wall

Meet the newest addition to my dining room.  Given it’s size, I figure the flower needs its own introduction.  It also needs a name, I think.  I’ve been calling it Wally (short for wallflower), but I’m sure something more creative will strike me at any moment.

Before I made Wally, I followed the linked tutorial above to make smaller versions for Michael’s two grandmothers for Christmas.  I used a 4″ embroidery hoop for the smaller flowers and a 7″ embroidery hoop for Wally.  Since Wally was a little less than twice the size of the tutorial I multiplied each measurement by 1.75 and used the felt vertically rather than horizontally as shown in the linked tute.

Makin’ Wally

6 strips of 2.75″ felt (cut the long way)

4 strips of 2.5″ felt

2 strips of 2″ felt

1 long skinny strip of felt cut with pinking shears to do the ‘button’ of your flower.

I followed the tutorial for making the flower petals and allowed them to dry for about 4 hours under my heavy cooking pots.

Rather than cutting out a circle of felt to adhere the flowers to, I took some cotton and stretched it across my embroidery hoop.  I glued the fabric to the hoop and allowed it to dry as the petals did.

Once everything was set I started with the largest petals and glued them straight onto the fabric hoop.  Try to keep the bases of the petals pressed in together as close as possible to give the flower more volume.

Continue gluing and pressing petals onto the fabric until a round of each petal has been completed.  I chose to do two rounds of the medium-sized petals before continuing on to the smallest size.

I’m pretty pleased with my first foray into felt.  At first I thought it would be a good ‘do with the kids’ project.  I was wrong.  Don’t do this with your kids.  Well, maybe you could do it with your kids, but don’t do it with my kids.  Glue.  Everywhere.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”   ~Buddha



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  1. Nicole permalink
    January 3, 2011 9:48 pm

    oh wow that’s so cute! I want to make one! Thanks for the tute 🙂 And woolies are kind, they will understand 😉

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