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:: introduction to awesome ::

December 15, 2010

Hello, I would like you to meet Awesome.  Her real name is Theresa, and she is most likely the coolest, ‘super-raddest’, eclectic, talented, inspirational, strong and amazing person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting on this blog.  Theresa has been my go-to lady for the past, um, 11 years (does that make me old?).  She was my high school roommate (Roomies!) and taught me everything I ever needed to know ;).  Best big sister ever.

And she sent me a present, which earns her a whole post of her own 😉

The wrappings:

Ava received a colouring book ‘illustrated by Hunter S. Thompson’ according to Michael.  It was right up her alley.

I received a handmade scarf (I had made her a scarf too!)

Isaac is enthralled with his ball, as am I.  Utterly.Amazing.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, I opened up a special package for Miss V.

And get this, “My dear dad made those buttons from a branch out of my front yard […]”.  Who’s cool?  Theresa’s dad, that’s who.

This is Christmas.  Each of these gifts was filled with love, thought, effort, and kindness.  They are keepsakes; mementos of years gone by and years to come and treasures I will keep for my grandchildren.

Thank -You.  For everything.

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