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December 5, 2010
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Making tahini is easy, did you know that?  I didn’t until, like most things, necessity dictated my quick education in it.  We are a few days into our menu planning adventure and tonight’s scrumptious meal is to be Karen’s Sesame Noodles with grilled chicken.

Udon noodles? Check

almond or cashew butter? Check

Brown rice vinegar? Check

Tahini? ….. {insert expletive}…

So, off to google I went and was surprised to learn that not only is tahini tasty and means ‘to grind’; it also has only two ingredients!

Quick Tahini ~ makes about two cups

Toast 2 and a half cups of sesame seeds on a baking sheet in your oven at 350.  Try to use a large enough sheet that the seeds will be in a single layer.  Give them a quick stir every few minutes.  When they start to pop they’re done.

Let sesame seeds cool for 15-20  minutes.

Get out your blender and pop 3/4C of olive oil in there.  Add your sesame seeds and begin to blend the mixture.  I started mine on ‘blend’ and then moved up to ‘puree’ when most of the seeds were mixed.

Voila! Thank you dear internet and random web authors for making my search for tahini quick and painless.  And thank you to me for making such a yummy dinner. 🙂

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