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December 4, 2010

I have pretty entertaining children.  They say and do the most ridiculous things sometimes.  As an homage to their silly senses of humour I’ve decided to share some of my giggles with you each week.


For those of you who know Isaac, you know his severe aversion to being wet.  If he senses a drip of water has contaminated his clothing, he’ll strip right down to bare.  Often, there are remnants of his clothing left in piles all over the house depending on what the offender may have been –  socks in the porch for snow; a heap of clothes under the table from breakfast, lunch or dinner; random shirts and pants in random rooms for those times he may have drooled on himself a little.

One evening this week I was reading Ava a story before bed (My Father’s Dragon and she loves, loves, loves it!  She’s even been reading a few sentences on her own!) Isaac was being his usual devilish self before bed and rather than listening to the story he was a whirling dervish in and out of the bedroom.  After a few loops of the bedroom he ran into the bathroom yelling “Oh! Gotta pee!”

Well, he came out of the bathroom buck naked and proceeded to jabber on that he now needed a drink.  I was still reading Ava her story so he went to do it himself.  Ava and I both looked up as buck naked Isaac trotted into the bedroom with a glass of water.  As he crossed the threshold of the bedroom he dribbled a little bit down his front.  He stopped.  He looked down, then he looked up at me, “Oh no!  Penis wet!”

Ava chortled to herself, “Well, you can’t take that off, can you?”

Oh, I nearly busted a gut.  Her whole tone was just perfect and Isaac was so concerned as to what he was going to do because he obviously couldn’t take that off.



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  1. Michael permalink
    December 6, 2010 2:45 am

    I lol’d. Did you?

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