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:: the end of the world ::

November 14, 2010

It’s pretty much how I make most of my decisions these days.  “What would be the best option for the apocalypse?” Not necessarily the Christian version of the apocalypse either.   It could be the Zombie Apocalypse.  Or the EMP Apocalypse.  Nuclear Apocalypse. Mayan Apocalypse.  The options are astonishingly vast.

The whole ‘The End Is Near” phenomenon struck me after reading One Second After (the most terrifying book to ever read if you are a ‘what-iffer’ like myself).  In the story the United States is struck by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which renders pretty much every single thing used in everyday life useless.  Utterly, disastrously obsolete.

After reading the story I began to stockpile nearly everything.  Michael asked me if he needed to censor what I read if I’m going to be such a nerd about these things.  Then he read The Road, and then Michael began to stockpile.  ( I know – you’re still getting over the shock that Michael reads for enjoyment!)

We both had different ideas as to what will be important in terms of skill and resource when the zombies/nukes/cannibals come, and I will sheepishly admit that it is this fear of the end that has spurred some of my domestic research.  Michael put all of his stock into ammunition and will now flaunt the fact that his hunting/gathering prowess will save us all in the end.  My efforts have gone mostly into canning, trying to find a manual grain mill so we could still have flour and knitting, sewing and stockpiling tylenol, cough syrup and other medical necessities (saline!).

So now most of our conversations go something like this:

J: I want to move back to Saskatoon.

M: Goodsoil is really where we should be for the zombie apocolypse, Jess.  It would take the zombies from the cities months to walk over here to eat us.  We would be set up here, just run away into the park and live in a cabin.

Or like this:

J: Michael, when we start a farm can we keep bees?

M: No.  I don’t like bees.  They sting.

J: Well, what if it was The End of The World and it was the only way we could have honey?

M: Well then I would take one for the team and we could have bees.  But you’d need to learn how to tan a deer hide.

Ah, the give and take of marriage.

Soon we’ll be walking around with tinfoil hats on.

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  1. Vanessa permalink
    November 15, 2010 4:44 pm

    I didn’t see your post before I updated my status, but my thoughts are along the same track as yours. a zombie apocolypse would be interesting, EMP would be doable as we could survive without all of those things (as they did for hundreds of years in the past), Nuclear, I think we would be toast given the proximity to CFB Cold Lake. i begin thinking where would be the best place to live, so the looters, cannibals, and zombies could not get at my little family. The cindercrete shop may work, have to reinforce the doors and windows, Marks Grandpa’s old lime mine may have to be redug….How can one not help but think about this stuff? You always need to be prepared and have a back up plan!!! Lots of canning, hording and stockpilling to be done!!!

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