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:: the entrance (also includes my first discount code!)::

November 8, 2010

Ah, the entrance. The first room that people see when they come to my house. The room we have been chugging along with for moooonths. Yes, it really has been months.

We wanted to do a built-in storage option as the room came without a closet, but with a nook set in for one. Having kids running inandoutandinandoutandinandout led me to prefer the option of a bench and hooks so that they would be able to take care of putting away (and putting on) their own items.

Then began the hunt for storage ideas. Oh, the ideas were insurmountable! We started with Ikea, because who else does cheap organizations like those creative Swedes? We found this cool locker combination that we were going to use with the unpronounceable Tjusig hat rat and then Michael would still have to build a bench to take up the rest of the floor space in the nook.  Well, Ikea had other plans.  We could not order Stuva because (as it was only 8 boxes) it was not large enough to be purchased on an Ikea home shopping order.  Couldn’t I conveniently drive over 3 hours to my nearest Ikea store?  Umm, no.

On to we went.  We found a simply designed bench and shelf but they would not be able to be delivered to our nearest Sears until after two weeks after we purchased it.  Even though it was in stock.  Weird.  I called Sears stores to see if they had one available for quick purchase and was informed that the website, catalogue and store were three different entities and don’t carry the same products.  Who knew?

Michael went out and bought a piece of MDF for 30.00 and made us a bench in just under two hours. ❤  Go husband!  Who needs Ikea? Not me!

As Isaac would say, "ta-da!"

Onto the finishing!  First we painted the bench and moulding with a white Melamine.

After it had thoroughly dried I started to do some washed out finishes on it.  I diluted my paint (Polar Sky from Benjamin Moore) to half paint, half water.  I brushed a thin amount onto the shelves and then wiped it off with a rag.  I let it dry between coats and put on as many coats as I needed to get the colour I wanted.

I did one coat all around the bench and Michael decided he did not like my ‘sloppy’ paint job and wanted it white again.  Whatever. Pfft.  Doesn’t he know it’s supposed to look sloppy?  So I painted it white again (since he did go through the courtesy to build me the darn thing).

I hard the hardest time choosing what shelf to put over the bench.  Etsy has been both my friend and foe in this regard. So many choices! Should I get this one? Or maybe a couple of these?  Michael thought this one was ‘interesting’.

I spent nearly a week making a bench cushion.  Yes.  A week.  And it’s not even right. Whenever I scoff that sewing a rectangle will be easy, give me a good, swift kick!  I never proclaimed to be a seamstress, but I do believe by the end I got a teeny-tiny bit better at it.  It’s my practice cushion.  I can make another one that’s a little more 90 degree angled at the intersections.

We finished up the room with a fabric wall hanging.  My darling husband cut me some 2×4 to size and then I first glued the corners and then tacked a finishing nail into each end.  After allowing it a fair amount of time to dry, I stretched my fabric across and stapled.

Ready for the finished product?

Are you sure?


Bench cushion is Moda's Fandango Canto in Gold

(Guess where we got the hook rack from! Guess! Guess! Our laundry room!  Yes! It was free! Beautiful!)

The bench pillow makes a pretty good resting place after a hard day of harassing your sister.

The wall art:

Moda's Fandango collection Sarabande in Sand

Fabrics for the bench cushion and wall hanging were purchased at Fishskin Fabrics.  Jill was super with customer service and shipping was speedy!  Just to prove how great she is, she has offered a discount code for readers to use at her store!  Please SHARE this giveaway and ‘Like’ Fishskin Fabrics on FB (and for fun, share what fabrics you’re going to go and buy in the comments below – I’m eyeing up some of the new Michael Miller, Amy Butler and Dr. Seuss prints! Oh, and this Robert Kaufman one is great!  I’m going to need a whole new room for all this delicious fabric!).

Discount Code (good until December 31) for 10% off your entire order: carpenthediem

5 Comments leave one →
  1. V Weber permalink
    November 8, 2010 3:39 am

    Fabulous Mrs. L. Absolutly fabulous. Love love love the fabric hanging, never would have thought of that, but filed it away in my brain for a later date.

    • November 8, 2010 9:45 pm

      Glad you like it 🙂 The hanging was super easy to make (especially since Michael did the hard part of making a frame that had correct angles).

      • November 10, 2010 2:33 pm

        Also –
        if you don’t have the husband to make the great frame for you, head down to your nearest art supply store, like Michaels, and pick up any size Canvas you like. I say get a couple and have a few feature prints up there!

  2. November 8, 2010 2:37 pm

    I want a meter of each of everything.. But to be realistic, I’ll probably get some minky and some Dr. Suess fabric.
    And if I haven’t told you yet, I’m jealous of your porch. Mine is still an utter disaster. nearly 4 years later…..

    • November 8, 2010 9:44 pm

      I’m sure you could tempt Michael to build you a bench. All you’d have to do is leave a trail of smarties or cookies that leads straight to a pile of tools and wood with a picture of the bench you wanted. Tell him he could sit in your hot tub afterwards!

      Isn’t the Dr. Seuss cute? I’m thinking pajama pants for everyone? Perhaps my pants will turn out better than my pillows lol.

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