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August 22, 2010

I’ve tried this blogging thing before, as some of you may know.  I’ve started off with good intentions of blogging and being creative and eventually my intentions turn sour and my posts turn negative.  Which I don’t like.

I struggle with contentment.  There.  I said it.  And perhaps all of you (except my husband) are surprised by that random confession.  As I have observed and discussed with a close friend of mine, I’m not the only one who struggles in this.  It seems that our generation is generally less satisfied than generations before us. (I heard a great piece about this on CBC radio a few months back and can’t find it now. When I do, I’ll link it!)

I could sit and ponder all the things that cause this disenchantment within me.  Could it be the place I live? The clothes I have? The car I drive? The potholes in my path?  I can’t really answer any of those because I’ve come to realize it’s how I perceive each of these items.

This revelation (or anti-revelation, because isn’t it actually really obvious?) came as I was browsing through an article that interviewed SouleMama (AKA – Amanda Blake Soule).  She mentioned in her article that blogging caused her to start recognizing the joy in her day to day activities.  Once she began looking for it to photograph and publish, suddenly she realized it was *everywhere*.  How inspiring (stimulating, moving, inciting, exciting) to know that I’m not the only one and to know it can be done.

At the time I laughed and said, “Yeah, but I’m not about to start a blog in order to try and find contentment!”  But then I thought on it.  And pondered about it.  And realized I actually do want to capture these moments, even if only to share with grandma and grandpa and a couple strangers on the internet.

In no means do I expect my meanderings and musings to be on par or equivocal to a professional blogger’s.  In fact, mine will take on a much different tone as I share my discouragement and struggles and, as of late, realization that I may have to just accept things the way they are.

So here I am.  Carpe’n the diem.  Seizing the day and hoping for the best. 😉

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